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Rondônia is nestled in northwest Brazil, with Porto Velho as its capital city. It boasts a total area of 237 576.16 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 91 729 square miles. Rondônia is bordered by Acre, Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Bolivia. ITAS were invited to meet with the Mayor of “Mirante da Serra” and the chief of police. Mirante da Serra is a municipality (or city) of the state of Rondonia where ITAS have there Teak plantations in Brazil.

The Mayor and his associates along with the federal police are now awaiting a law to pass to allow ITAS to contribute to the funding of social projects in the local area. This is something that has never been achieved in this area before, so ITAS would be the 1st international company to do this .The ITAS vision is to play a part in socially responsible projects in Brazil.Its a life long dream of mine to make a positive difference in areas of the world that where its required

We traveled approximately 2000 miles visiting wood Mills and new plantations as well as attending agricultural sustainability fairs in different areas. Once back in Rondonia we met with the ITAS team of local work force, who successfully harvested 18 year old teak from one of our smaller plantations.

Our first project will be setting up a community project for young people in the area