About ITAS

Formed in 1988, the team at ITAS have gathered a wealth of experience with over thirty years within the timber and forestry

The professional team at ITAS has gathered a
wealth of knowledge and experience in both
arboriculture and finance; including a former
senior forestry adviser to the World Bank, former
advisor to Barclays Bank Plc and an in-house
compliance officer.
ITAS operates throughout the states of Acre,
Goias, Mato Grosso, Para and Rondonia in Brazil
where it holds the leasehold title interests in a
number of teak plantations. These enable ITAS
to export in excess of 18, 000 M3 of plantation
timber per annum to its clients in China, India
and the Middle East. ITAS ensures that only
local labour is used upon its plantations, which
provides some economic sustainability for the
local economy in these areas.